There are a million ways to HOOK up, here’s the best one!

World class fruit drinks, born in Slovenia! If you haven’t tasted them yet, now is the best chance!

Hook is going to present Mango Lama and Maracuja Fresca drinks at #8 Rolka 2019 event. Both are made from pure pulp from India and Ecuador and produced (bottled) in Slovenia. They say using Slovenian water is essential for production.

a Cold HOOK this hot summer!!

H O O K There are million ways to HookUp, but we brought to you the best one !! Follow us on @Instagram @HookDrinks#Hook #HookUp #WorldsFirst #LightsActionCamera #IndijaKoromandija #HookDrinks #FashionDrinks

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Hook drinks are made by tea company called Indija Koromandija in Kranj. Find and enjoy them in your local bar.