Instawesome, just lay on your sunnies

Just another brand with sunglasses, you’ll say. Layoners is a rapidly-growing brand that goes by the motto ‘Lay on your sunnies’. Their color and style diverse collections are heaven for the most demanding customers, while new sunglasses and attractions are added on a monthly basis. The most successful collection and the latest hit are wooden shades with mirror lenses and fairly recently a high-end collection for trend-setters and fashionistas has been added.

They fulfilled their offer with wisely chosen swimsuit collection, available for some time now on their website. The said collection gained popularity within young and younger girls, who love to look and feel good while destressing on vacation.

Meet them at Rolka event! You can locate Layoners stands nearby photo walls, where you can choose your favorite shades, lay on your sunnies and look jaw-dropping.  Interesting and crazy photos will be praised by the young Layoners team, who love to joke around rather than be serious.  All attendees are welcomed to take part in play contests, where you can win your own polarized, UV-protected sunnies!

Layoners does not joke around and that’s why they gathered their own skate team. A word goes around that they’ve been practicing for a year now and have even given up beer and all alcoholized refreshing drinks after training to be in top position. They’re said to win, do you dare to challenge them?