Do you really dare?

RedLynx bracelets do indeed look like a bike chain… but they’re awesome, high-quality and you have never seen anything like it. Do you dare to wear?

There’s million brands with fashion accessories, but RedLynx stands out in the crowd with bike chain inspired bracelets. This company is present in almost every EU market you can think of and they’re aiming to fly across the ocean and conquer the global market.

RedLynx bracelets are looking for owners, who would wear them with pride. These chains, made of stainless steel, were made for extreme athletes and urban people, who love sport and want to wear them 24/7 and send a message of living wild and free. Even though it may seem like a boy brand, girls find their favorites, too. Crystal collection offers a bracelet for every adventurous girl, who loves to wear a nice piece of jewelry.

Rolka event is a perfect opportunity to share awareness of RedLynx brand amongst skaters and invite »chicks on roller skates and dudes on skateboards« into their community. The company values the Slovenian market, so they gave a lot of attention to their presence at this event. They decided to make up various play contests, which would encourage passersby to engage with the team, get to know the brand and show your predominance in arm wrestling. Collaboration in play contests will be awarded with RedLynx products and every new member will be warmly welcomed into the RedLynx club.