Rolka X Kotalka


Rolka is skateboard and kotalka is roller skate in Slovene. We were destined to go hand in hand and it was only a matter of time before those crazy girls from Chicks in Bowls join us. We are proud to announce that chicks will hold a special competition within this year’s Rolka event! CLASSIC!

Chicks in Bowls are a small team dedicated to build communities and enhance skatepark experience. They exist to enjoy and to promote vertical roller skating a.k.a. park skating a.k.a. aggressive roller skating. But they’re not really aggressive. Chicks in Bowls are here to spread the stoke for a life on quad roller skates!

While promoting rad roller skaters they shred up skate parks and bowls on their quad skates throughout the world! It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned vert skater or a two-inch roller, Chicks will welcome you all!

With over 300 communities spread across all corners of the globe they are able to work local and effective. Find out your very own local #chicksinbowls community and help spread the stoke of vertical roller skating! If you use Instagram use hashtag #chicksinbowls and follow @chicksinbowls.


Registration starts from 22th June 2019. Simpy write an e-mail with your name and contact info on rollergirlsquad@gmail.com.

The entry fee is 5 EUR and each contestant receives a goodie bag!


  • First 30 minutes – warm up
  • 40 minutes – best line (best flow and creative line, top 3 contestants win prizes)
  • 40 minutes – best trick (each contestant has 3 attempts to perform best trick, prize for winner)

Come, enjoy or even win! See you on #8 ROLKA 2019!