Submit your team

You and your team can compete for prize money worth in total of 1000 EUR and for many other practical awards from #8 Rolka 2019 event partners!


You may submit your team until July 4, 2019.

Any group of 3 to 4 people can register as a team through our registration form. Entry fee is 30 EUR irrespective of the number of members (3 or 4). The registration is confirmed when the remittance is received by the recipient. You can submit your proof of payment to the e-mail address info@rolka.si.

Up to 14 teams may participate.

All members of the registered teams must on the day of the event drop by at the info point until noon. Each member will sign a statement of responsibility. Teams will assign members to disciplines. Information regarding team members can be changed on the day of the event until noon. The team members receive starting numbers on the day of the event. The starting numbers must be put on the left leg in height of the thigh.

Only in exceptional cases (eg. injury, illness) team members can change disciplines. The change must be notified up to 20 minutes before the beginning of each discipline. Otherwise, the discipline is passed to the opponents.

The first discipline is a relay, which consists of slalom and tapping. When awarding the starting numbers, each team determines two members for competing in this discipline. The terms will be given to the competitors 15 minutes before the start of the relay at the venue where the competition will be held.

At the first discipline, the use of a helmet mandatory! All competitors receive a safety helmet and a skateboard before their run. After each run the helmet and skateboard must be immediately handed over to Rolka Runners (or runners Los Grilos). To provide an undisturbed competition flow competitors must follow the instructions of the Rolka team. After the downhill, the competitors (if they did not fall out) immediately return to the starting position!

The competing couple who loses in the first round is ranked into the “Losers Bracket”. Couples in the “Losers Bracket” continue to compete for the victory in relay. 

Failure to comply with the rules and instructions of the Rolka team and breach of the “fair play” principle is punished with disqualification of the team or in this case a point is passed to the opposite pair. Contact with the opponent of the opposing team which is intentional is considered to be a serious violation of the competition rules. In case a competitor misses the door, he must return to the point where he missed them and proceed from there.

Hippy Jump (or Hippie Jump) follows the relay. This discipline starts according to the official timetable of the event. In case of a delay, discipline starts according to the instructions of the Rolka team.

Competitors start competing at the height of 50 cm. Up to 80 cm the slat is increased by 10 cm and afterwards by 5 cm. In the event, the competitor is unsuccessful to skip the slat at a given height in two attempts, the competitor has one more try in the next round at the higher slat set. If the competitor fails at this last try, the competitor falls out of the competition.

Third and last discipline is the Mini Ramp on the lake. Competitors will receive exact instructions on the rules and teams of this competition one hour prior to the competition. An open training begins afterwards.

It is strictly forbidden to bring any drinks to the racing facilities! Rolka Babes will take care of the well-being and thirst of the competitors. A competitor who does not comply with the ban on bringing any drinks to the racing facility is disqualified.

The use of helmets and other safety equipment is recommended and preferred. All competitors use their own skateboard and safety equipment on Mini ramp.

For the purpose of enhancing the easiness of the competitors and the protection of their equipment “skate catcher” will be installed on the facility. For more information, see the Rolka team at the event itself.


Please fill the required information in the registration form. Under the registration form, there is a payment form – UPN. You can align the form with QR code (scan it with your smart device). To make a payment indicate only missing information.

If you encounter problems with payment you may contact us by sending e-mail to info@rolka.si.

Organizers of the event #8 Rolka 2019 and all team members thank you for your participation on the contest. Big like, big love.